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Diamond as a puppy


Diamonds A-Litter is born *31.7.15


The birth was without any complications and we have 9 puppies!

Male: 3 black, 1 liver     Female: 2 black, 3 liver

In the end of October 2015 Diamonds puppies are going to leave us in their new homes.

The puppies will get papers titled "jagdliche Leistungszucht "(high-performance hunting breed).


My breeding aim are healthy Dualpurpose Flatcoated Retrievers with steady character.

Diamond`s puppies grow up in our home with direct access in the garden.

They live in the midst of our family life!

The puppies leave us registrated with microchip, vaccinated and parasites controlled in the age of 8 weeks.

Our Kennel has been controlled of the DRC (8.7.14) and offers "superb suppositions for housing puppies."



Covering male dog: Comics Look A´Round


We applied very much effort and care, investigation in genetics and animalbreeding science to choose the covering male dog.

We decided Comics Look A`Round, called Melvin, becoming father of Diamond´s A-litter.

Melvin really is a marvellous, healthy exponent of his breed. (HD A, PRA/Cataract 0, PL 0/0, perfekt scissors bite).

It is to mention his superb exterior, his extremely friendly and pleasant character and his beautyful coat, shining in the sun. Melvin enjoys to snuggle as well as Diamond does. He always loves to stay next to his buddies.

Melvin also is working extremely succesful in A-Levels. (most difficult competition level in field trials in the Netherlands). His will-to-please and his obedience fits perfectly well to Diamond´s abilities.



Diamond and Melvin met each other for the first time in November 2014. They became friends at once, they had a great time and a lot of fun playing, swimming and chasing each other.

It was so sweet. We are absolutely certain, that Diamond and Melvin fit perfectly together!


Preview of the genealogic tables of Diamond and Melvin puppies:
PDF-Dokument [124.0 KB]

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Flatcoated Retriever


Dr. Elisabeth Schulte-Loh






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