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Flatcoated Retrievers enrich my life since 1998 and I can`t imagine living without them.

As a Veterinary I´m loving dogs anyway, nevertheless I am absolutely fascinated by Flatcoated Retrievers!

Diamond is my breeding bitch, she is an offspring of Kennel Beautyfield`s. She combines all merits as an excellent Dualpurpose Flatcoated Retriever.

I like to say warm thanks to Conny and Ralf Malz, Kennel Beautyfield´s, for my unique Diamond.

Diamond is an ideal socialized dog, with a healthy body and an excellent exterior coming up to the race-standard of DRC (German Retriever Club)/VDH/FCI. What for me she makes her my "Diamond" is: 

her superior will to work, her intelligence combined with first-class will-to-please, and at least her love for me and our whole family!

That´s why I decided to breed Flatcoated Retrievers in DIAMONDFLATS KENNEL.

My breeding aim are healthy, Dualpurpose Flatcoated Retrievers with a steady character.

Dualpurpose means, they are show dogs with an excellent exterior as well as they have a superior ability for working.

You can have a lot of fun with your Flatcoated Retriever puppy of Diamond:

at field trials, huntings, agility competitions or in the showring. It goes without saying that they can be lovable familydogs and your sporting buddy for going running, hiking, biking, riding or swimming!

I am looking forward to share my experience and know-how with my puppyowners!

If you like to share your life with Diamond`s puppy and have a faithful buddy next to you, please contact me well-timed.

Buying a puppy always should be well organized and deliberated!


Thanks a lot for visiting DIAMONDFLATS!


Dr. Elisabeth Schulte-Loh



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Flatcoated Retriever


Dr. Elisabeth Schulte-Loh






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