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Diamond has a very friendly and cheerful character.

She is friedly and tame to everyone, but without beeing obtrusive.

Snuggling is her daily program. She enjoys especially playing with our small children and is sharing her dog`s bed with them, or she plays their silky pillow! Diamond really is a family dog!

Though she is quite and unobstrusive in the house, outside she is very agile and she is extreme enthusiastic in doing work with dummies or doing field trials.

Her very first-class will-to-please and her obedience are for me during the training or tests very pleasant and lead us as a team to our success.

Diamonds is an extreme retrieve- and water-lover and she has a very good and fast perceptive faculty.


a Flatcoated Retriever how it should  be.

Dualpurpose: WORK

Diamond loves training with dummies and field trials.

She doesn´t matter, which task she has to to and she is always very good concentrated and tries to do everything as good as possible.

That´s why she became best of  JP/R (Jouthtest for Retrievers in the DRC, German Retriever Club). After that she passed the VPS ( Uniontest of the JGHV, huntingunion e.V.) in 2.price, and that with just 19 months age! This VPS is generally absolved of dogs that have an age of 2-5 years, because it is a very demanding hunting test.

In all subjects of obedience she passed with a very good, what is a sign of her will-to-please.

Diamond differeciates exactly between her training and daily life!

I can take her with me going horse riding without leash, she loves our cat and our rabbits and also other animals are her friends.

Because she passed the VPS, now she is a Jagdgebrauchshund in in the DGStB (GermanStudbook for working dogs) with no. B1126 .

With 23 months she passed the Btr (retrieving-reliance-test, here the dog has to find and retrieve a fox out of the forest on his own. Also during this test Diamond showed her real love to retrieve: you cannot train every dog to retrieve a fox, this is discussed to be congenital.

Beacause there was next to where we live a APD/R ( workingtest with dummies in the DRC)

we tried also this and Diamond passed at the first go, she even got the 3rd field! Half of the retrievers this day failed.

After all, Diamond successfully passed September 2014 the BLP (power- retrieving-test of DRC) with 351 Points.

Now, Diamond is useful for the Jagdliche Leistungszucht ( high-performance-hunting-breed).

The next year 2015 can start for our A-litter!

& Show

Diamond also has pleasant sensation in the show ring and presents herself perfectly.

Because of our veterinary practice and our family (we have got two small children), I had few times, that´s why I have been concentrating on working with Diamond first.

First in March 2014 Diamond had her debut in the show ring of DRC and VDH/FCI.

Nevertheless, she is presenting herself in the ring very good.

Of 6 shows in 2014 she passed 4 with V1 (excellent 1) and 2 with V3 (excellent 3).

She already has the titles  "German Winner 2014" and " VDH Sieger Leipzig 2014" (VDH winner Leipzig 2014), what makes me very proud of her.

For the Title Deutscher VDH Champion (German VDH Champion) is just one V1 missing!


Flatcoated Retriever


Dr. Elisabeth Schulte-Loh






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